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..NonProfits' United is California's first self-insurance pool created for nonprofit organizations. We operate two member-owned and governed self-insurance groups offering affordable rates and expert risk management assistance for California 501(c)3 nonprofits.

We are committed to providing quality and cost-effective pooled risk coverage for our nonprofit member-owners

Through our Vehicle Insurance Pool (VIP) and the Workers' Compensation Group (WCG), NonProfits' United has been providing quality, cost-effective coverage and risk management services in California since 1988. We offer broad coverage tailored to nonprofit operations with stable, competitive rates, expert claims management and personal service.

NonProfits' United is committed to making insurance accessible as well as affordable. Our member-owners may participate in the coverage pools directly or with the assistance of a broker. We answer questions promptly, research unique or unusual situations enthusiastically, and always welcome contact with our member-owners. Our goal is to help our nonprofit member-owners focus on their missions, rather than their insurance coverage.

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